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Sailing report

May 2017

Our first go at running a race from the safety boat. 3 boats on the water all Lightnings.

The safety boat had been set up with a saddle over the engine to take the countdown boards, starting flags and starting line poles.

John Richards and Bob Hayes dropped a buoy from the safety boat on the south side of the river to creaet a start line in line with the first lamppost down stream from the PCC and showed the 5 minute flag. Within a minute the Waverlley appeared round the bend coming down stream from Bristol and the skipper blow her horn to warn us of her arrival.

The delayed start signal was raised. At the point the safety boat crew saw that the safety boat was drifting so the buoy used to moor was lifted and the permanent buoy off Pill was picked up. The safety boat then swung in line with the other boats in the pill and as a result it was not possible to set up a start line from the boat. So, a start line between two buoys was established and the race started. The conditions were quiet (force 2 to 2) and the race had to be shortened because of the delayed start and the lack of wind.

Suggested changes to starting procedure: modify the engine saddle so that it can be seen by dinghy helms when the safety boat is mored on the north side of the river below the control box where the tidal flow is less. There may also be a need to put a second weight on the buoy. This may overcome the possibility of the boat drifting up stream. A subject for discussion by the sailing committee?


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